the problem

often times when i solve maths problems, i assume a lot of things, some correct some which might be benificial considering the problem, but a lot of the times i end up not solving the problem because I used an approach which wasn't needed for the problem. I assumed that they were necassary.

When I sat down and thought about this a bit, I noticed that I do something similar in my daily life, making assumptions that I need something, that I should have an ideal life, that I should be with someone, and my fantasies catalyze those assumptions. I am not against having dreams or fantasing about things, that itself is also an important part of our life, but how many things do we assume about ourselves, about our life, and not only ourselves, but others too.

When I was a child I would see something that another kid has and cry about it at home, to make my parents bring it for me, but after a few days, that thing will be either broken or in the cupboard never to be touched again. But now when I see others having things that I don't, i cant ask them, i have to work hard for them, work my life out? Just to realize that this was something that I thought I needed, and then? can I go back from there? how many times? Well this is just one way that I thought of, I know this might not be true most of the times, I just want myself to understand that, there are only limited things that I can experiece in life, and choosing something just because I saw someone doing it might not be the best, it may work though sometimes.

I read all these blogs about thinking and way of living life, but i rarely gain anything practical from them (besides some, which gives me energy to do things or make me think really hard about something), so if I am reading this in future, I want you to know that making assumptions is not wrong, but believing it and ignoring any other information can lead to misery.

so if wer're talking about believe, I am also not sure about a lot of things related to faith and believing, so I would like to know more about it.

I will leave you with this thread now this thread