some extended thoughts

This is pretty relaxing, probably because im listening to postrock, ig dhwaneel introduced me to postrock, or maybe not, i just happened to discover it while stalking him, anyway it was worth it.

postrock music link

i believe i will post this on bear, so i wont type out words as usual, maybe with a little thought, not careless.

dhwaneel even wrote something titled "its one of those nights" or something like that, it exactly feels like that, i feel slightly lonely, but at the same time im glad i can give time to myself and think about things, im thinking of making my own classless-css....tsuki is quite an inspiration for me, i mean idk much about him but his projects are pretty cool, also considering he is about the same age as me makes be happy to see someone actually doing things (not like me sitting here, watiting for time to answer) btw tsuki if you are reading this i want you know that i think your website is really cool, specifically the css, the custom quotes, font, its eye pleasing. I would love to contact you as you seem a pretty chill guy, but ig you have stopped using telegram, i would love to know other means of communicating though, matrix maybe?

anyway, from today on ig i will go back to those days, when i used to listen mistborn graphic audios at night, i will do elantris, but if i dont find it, i will go with warbreaker.

things are moving fast, faster than i thought, its already half past july, last tests were good, but the teacher was true, i do have a lot of overconfidence, probably should've said arrongant but ig he thought he shouldn't insult me like that in front of the whole class, thats why.

its painful to see dreams shattering in front of your eyes, your own's hurt a lot but when its your close ones, it hurts more, because you know you are partly responsible for it one can change whats happened though, i dont think it would make any difference changing it anyway.

Lately I've been noticing of how much judgy i have become, not only people but also things, blogs, messages, every small silly things. Its pretty frustrating though and i would definately like to change that.

And yeah i heard brave goggles are pretty neat

anyways good night, i will sleep ig, it gives me a bit anxiety to go there next morning but anyways.

#rant #thoughts