time to do one thing

so I've been doing too many things, most of which I would never want to continue in future. I have come to a realization that I have to stop by one thing, at least do it till I am satisfied and then look ahead. Leaving things incomplete makes me frustrated, yet I have made myself to overlook that frustration. For now I will be doing racket (lisp) and logarithms, nothing more. I want to do so many things but when it comes to actually doing them I find another and this recursion continues, I wish it had break condition, I've been doing the same things, calling the same function before ending it again and again. Sounds pretty stupid, although I wish there was a way to describe things in technical way. Thats it, put the break condition on your recursive function of procrastination and hope that you match it so you can finally break out.


#one-thing #rant