how to sleep like a 6.5 yr old

so i just read hanki's blog on sleep and thought I might add some points. I am not the best sleeper but i don't think i have much issue with sleeping.

sleep on your back

this might not be best position for you, but I've been sleeping like this for past 2 years and only had slight issues with lower back pain initially, so i had to lift my lower back a bit by a small pillow and after that there wasn't any pain you might also want to support you neck with something like a towel the idea is to keep your spine straight to prevent aching, so you can also achieve this with side

some doctors advice those with sleeping disorder to not sleep on their back, so if you are one, you can read this

some other links

start being aware of your breaths

this is the next thing that i do after getting in a comfortable position. This will be hard for you at first but trust me it will be easy after only a month or so you might wanna use something like breathly app at first, but again the idea is to not get dependent on such things as hanki said, you should turn off you screens about an hour before sleeping (which might not be possible for you everytime but you should try to get off the screen as early as possible)

your thoughts are your dreams

now this is hard to explain and even implement as i just became aware of this and I've been ignoring to understand this as it was working just fine and I didn't want to do something that will interrupt it.

So I get quite a lot of lucid dreams, something like I'm aware that I'm dreaming and that may be why i can do this easily.

The idea is to imagine your thoughts as not your thoughts, but your dreams. You can also try something like thinking from the center of your brain

with everthing mentioned above your diet, exercise and other things matter too