what went wrong?

yesterday and today

yesterday and today I woke up at around 6:30am, so technically I should have 24 - 6.5 = 17.5 hours, yesterday I spent the first 4 hours doing maths with short breaks, so according to that i should have 13.5 hours, then I spent the next 2 hours on solving physics questions and another 2 on organic and lets take another 1 just to be safe, so if I am correct I have 8.5 hours. Where were these 8 hours? I didnt pass them, even my screen time was low. Where did they go? vanished? if it was around 2-3 hours i wouldve said ok and then moved on but 8 hours?? I have to figure out what went wrong, because if it goes like this, I won't have enough time. My guess is that I waste a lot of (probably more) time to think and prepare for what I am gonna do rather than just doing it. I would love to know how to overcome this, for now I'll just have to ask someone else or figure it out by doing it over and over again and analyzing it.

Now the positive side is that I feel much better, better than this whole year. Waking up early then doing what you set out to do. I am eating more (skinny ;-;) and exercising more, overall its better than just sitting down and not knowing what to do, I can say I feel better than when I posted why do you waste so much time on internet, I don't use youtube now, just newpipe for lectures, it doesn't give recommendations and on homepage I just have playlists and history to continue watching from where I left.

golden light by strfkr

recently read tsuki's blog, get well soon man >.<